Themed Sessions

We invite IMGS 2022 participants to submit proposals for themed sessions in the main conference programme. These may be based on emerging new topics in health and medical geographies, methodological developments and innovations, and/or policy-related concerns. Each session will last 90 minutes and we encourage delegates to develop a schedule that best suits the ambitions of the event (eg mixture of short and long talks, panel discussion etc).

A proposal for a themed session should include:

  • Title of the themed session(s)
  • Titles and author(s) of the papers to be presented
  • A brief (1 paragraph) justification for the themed session
  • An outline of the structure of event (e.g. five 15 minute talks with 15 minute panel discussion; two 20 minute talks followed by five ‘lightening’ talks (10 mins each) etc.)

Please send your proposal to by Friday 10th December 2021. By submitting the proposal, you are confirming that each of the participants in the session will register for the conference. We will look to respond to your proposal within two weeks of the deadline. If successful, participants will need to register for the conference in the usual way by the registration deadline.